Scouting made simple

Roblu is a state-of-the-art scouting app for robotics competitions that eliminates the hassle of paper and tedious spreadsheets.

What am I purchasing?

Roblu uses three syncing solutions: network, Bluetooth, and QR code syncing. If your team is using network syncing, you'll need to have a server to manage syncing. You can host your own or purchase access to the official Roblu Cloud server. This server is up 24/7 and you'll always have access to support for any problems you are having. Roblu Cloud costs $10 a season and funds will go towards improving Roblu and paying server and website costs.

Request a free trial

Roblu Cloud is free during the off season, request your free trial here.





If you'd like to sponsor or donate to Roblu, you may do so here. If you donate $150 or more, your company logo will be listed on the Roblu website. When donating, please enter a contact email in the PayPal notes section.